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Soundproof Wallpaper, How Well Does It Work?

After moving from the country to a very busy street, my wife and I had to adjust to the loud sounds of the city.

At first it was alright as we enjoyed our fist relatively quiet Christmas, as families do. Then of course, the new year started, what a rude awakening that was to city life.

Many nights my sleep got disturbed and in the day time, it wasn’t much better.

Through sheer desperation peeking out of red spider veined eyes, I made a vow to reclaim a sense of peace and sanity inside of our home. My fervent search led me to find simple solutions that would not break the bank while still soundproofing our home efficiently and effectively.

It all started with Soundproof Curtains. I found those worked really well, yet the noise level coming through our house was still quite high and at times rather annoying. Especially when I wanted to sleep in on a Sunday or concentrate on an important work task in the day. 

I’m a rather peaceful bloke, there is not much in life that can rile me. However, constant noise is enough to drive any man balmy. I could not rest until I had completed what I had set out to do. 

In my search, I found what I think is one of the best inventions since sliced bread – Soundproofed Wallpaper. 

Yes! It is really a thing.

One of my earliest memories is that of the floral wallpaper in my Grandmother’s house. It brings a sense of nostalgia every time I think about it. Luckily for us though, wallpaper has come a long way since then. 

If you are wondering if this is really a legit solution – I am happy to say that it is. 

I’m sure you have a few thoughts on this, just as I did so let me share my experience with you.

Does soundproof wallpaper really work?

So we know what the aim of soundproof wallpaper is, but does it actually work? Can it be used as an effective soundproofing material?

Indeed, soundproof wallpaper does exactly as it promises. It provides a buffer between you and the outside world, and in the same way from the inside of your home outwards. The wallpaper works as a sound dampener that captures sound and deflects it, making it less loud and obvious. It will also drastically reduce any in room echo.

That is pretty magic right? But what is it made from and how does it work?

An infographic I created that simifies the benefits of soundproof wallpaper
This infographic will give you the benefits of using soundproof wallpaper in your home.

What is it made from?

Unlike normal wallpaper which is made from durable paper with a print on it, soundproof wallpaper is made up of several layers of materials, which includes a layer of acoustic foam. This makes it a fairly thick foam wall panel and well designed for it’s job of buffering sound.

How do you apply it?

In the good old days, wallpaper was fixed to the wall using glue. In fact, it was known to be a fine art. Measuring the length and width of the wall and cutting the paper to size was quite a laborious task that took German craftmanship precision. 

Thankfully, the soundproof wallpaper is more like panel tiles that come with an easy to use self-adhesive on the back that only requires the sticker to be removed for it to be stuck in place. 

The panels are all cut to size and are easy to measure and fit. If they do not fit snugly to the size of your wall, all you will need is a craft knife, measuring tape, ruler and pencil to mark where they need to be trimmed for easy application. 

I really cannot stress enough how easy they are to fit and they come in an awesome array of designs.

Times have moved on from the days where we used to have to cut wallpaper precisely.

How to choose the perfect soundproofing wallpaper?

There are many different options of soundproofing wallpapers on the market. The best way to choose the perfect wallpaper will depend on the room you are wanting to soundproof. While there is no right or wrong way to choose, there are a few things to watch out for.

Here are some tips to make sure that you buy the best soundproof wallpaper for your needs;

  • Make sure that you choose a wallpaper made out of foam and not paper. Foam is known for it’s soundproofing abilities, dont worry though it does not look like foam. Many sound studios use foam as their wall coverings to keep the sound in the studio. Needless to say, with the amount of noise that is made in a studio, it is the logical choice.
  • If you don’t like the colour of the tiles, that is alright. You can always give them a coat of paint to match your decor. Just remember to fill the join lines with a good quality filler before you start painting and give it a base coat before applying the paint colour of your choice. 
  • Be sure to double check the application instructions. With modern innovation to make our lives that bit easier, there is no point in buying a wallpaper that will require more work than is totally necessary. 
  • Remember, the thicker the foam density, the more sound buffering ability it has.
  • Always check the seller’s rating. Make sure to read the reviews and star ratings of the products. Shipping, delivery and quality are very important, especially if you are buying on Amazon and don’t know the seller.  

My top 3 soundproof wallpaper recommendations

While there are tons of different choices online for soundproofing wallpapers, I found 3 wallpapers that stood out as superior to the rest and matched all the criteria I was looking for to clad the walls in our home. The designs are modern with a textured feel, which I really like.

Affordable and super easy to install, these wallpapers have transformed our home. It has given our walls character and the house feels much warmer now, not to mention peaceful. 

If you would like to check any of my recommendations out you can click the blue name links which will take you straight to the Amazon listing.

TAISHEN 3D Wall Panel Crocodile Print

Taishen 3D wall panel in crocodile print has to be my wife’s favourite. It has a crocodile skin finish and comes in a variety of colours. It is easy to apply with its adhesive stick backing and has multiple layers of foam, giving it that plush cushy finish. 

It can be used for a variety of different uses too, which I like a lot. Whether as a backsplash in the kitchen or even bathroom. We ended up using it in our bedroom as the feature wall behind our bed. 

If you don’t like the colours that they come in, you can always give them a coat of paint to suit your decor. 

It has a star rating of 2.6 out of 5. Hugely underrated if you ask me. 

2. Stone Ten Foam Faux Wood Wallpaper

Wooden finished panels have made a huge stir in home decor over the recent years and for good reason. They look fantastic in the right setting and feel warm and friendly in your home.  

These foam wallpaper panels are 8mm thick, making them ideal sound buffers while being offered in multiple designs. You can choose from seafoam shiplap, faux wood or barn wood. They are really easy to install with their adhesive backing and fairly quick to cut to size if you need to. 

What I liked is that we could get the wooden panel feel without the hassle of having to work with nails and actual wood. They look really good on our stairwell and passage walls.  

With a star rating of 4.2 out of 5. Highly recommended. 

3. YTATT 3D Brick Wall Stickers

The Ytatt brick wall stickers lend a gorgeous finish to the wall. As an accent wall or even for the entire room, the texture and 9 layers of materials in the product make them a perfect soundproofing solution. The sticker tiles come in packs of 1, 5, 10 or 20 with adhesive backing for simple installation. 

With the 9 layers of materials inside the wallpaper, the finish is softer than most and feels very padded. 

With a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Good product.

Final thoughts

Finding these simple yet effective wallpapers have not only changed our home by way of less sound – it has vastly changed the look and feel of it too. I would recommend a good soundproofing wallpaper not just for the sound dampening qualities but more so for the insulation and good decor that it provides.

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