A photo of my bedroom which I soundproofed

How To Soundproof Your Bedroom In 7 Simple Steps.

If you’re anything like me, your bedroom is also your safe haven and sanctuary from the world. It’s the one place that I want to be able to  unwind and feel at peace. My goal was to achieve this not only for myself but for my wife so that we could feel relaxed and happy together inside our space.  

I don’ t know about you, but there is nothing better than binge watching a series under the covers in the dead of winter feeling as if you’re in another world. Even if it’s just for those 48 hours over a weekend with never ending  hot chocolate and tasty snacks. The ultimate treat.

The only way I could create a space like this was to dampen the sounds coming into the bedroom from the busy street below and of course, keeping the sounds coming from inside private. 

When my wife and I moved into our new home we had to adjust to the sounds of a very lively and busy neighbourhood. Soundproofing our bedroom was one of the very priorities while soundproofing our home.

I wanted to give us a private bedroom in the most cost effective and efficient way possible – without calling in the professionals. 

In the end, our bedroom is well soundproofed and feels very comfortable. It is not 100% soundproofed, yet it is another world in comparison to how it was before the changes were made.

Let me share with you the 7 DIY soundproofingsteps that gave us our perfect bedroom.

An infographic showing the 7 steps to soundproofing a bedroom
This infographic I created shows the 7 steps to soundproofing your bedroom.

Bedroom soundproofing step 1

Add Mass To Your Door & Fill Cracks

I started with the door. Doors are the main culprits for those annoying sounds to either bounce through or bounce out of your room. A thicker door is best to insulate sounds so that they don’t travel through your house. 

If your door is a hollow make like ours, try adding some drywall board or MDF board to cover the one side of the door to give it mass. It might not look so great at first, so you can add beading and a coat of paint to finish off the addition. In the end it does look rather smart. 

You can add a fibreglass panel or a weighted heavy soundproof blanket instead, but I found the boarding worked just fine and was more affordable. 

After attaching the board, I finished it off using weather striping to seal the perimeter of the door to make sure that all the cracks and gaps were filled to buffer even more sound. 

Doing this made an immediate difference and I would recommend doing this to every door in your house.  

Bedroom soundproofing step 2

Install a Door Sweep

A good door sweep is very cheap and will immediately make a difference. They are super durable and easy to install. Once attached to the door, it gives it a finer finish and actually looks very good. 

This will also prevent any breeze coming in from under the door. 

It is amazing how much difference a door sweep or draft excluded makes. If you are interested I recommend this one from Amazon, the reason being, its cheap, effective and easy on the eye.

Bedroom soundproofing step 3

Seal Your Windows

Using weather striping, I sealed all our window panes to make sure that nothing could get through. If there is a slight breeze coming through, be sure that sound will travel through the same way.

In the end, the room felt much warmer and the sounds vastly diminished. A good perk is that the windows look very well finished with this added touch. It is also very easy to fit and folds neatly into the grooves.

Maximum efficiency at a great price.

Bedroom soundproofing step 4

Soundproofed Curtains

Investing in a good set of soundproofing curtains was in fact the first step I took in this process. A good set of these curtains offer many benefits. They are quite inexpensive and also offer excellent soundproofing from external noises.

Not only do they block out sound and light, they also look really good on my window. 

Just remember to buy the longer curtains that fill the entire span of the wall from ceiling to floor and buy 4 drapes per window apposed to 2. The more curtain mass around the window, the better the sound dampening barrier.

In fact, take a look at the article I posted on picking your perfect set, it will be able to guide you step-by-step, from purchase to installation – soundproof curtain guide

Adding soundproof curtains to your bedroom can be very beneficial if you like your sleep.

Bedroom soundproofing step 5

Hang Some Art and add furniture

You will be surprised at how far hanging some good sized frames on the walls can go. It helps with deadening the sounds inside of your room while still giving you something beautiful to look at. If you suffer from bad echo in your bedroom them this will help to remedy it.

While framed artwork can get expensive, there are affordable avenues to find your perfect pictures. Take a look at downloadable art online. You can download your favourite pieces and print them yourself. All that will remain is to either buy your own frames and hang them or take them to the framers.

Take a look at some of the wall art available from this seller on Etsy, it’s fashionable and would help to soundproof by removing echo.

You can also add a little more furniture to your room. By doing this you remove any internal echo from sounds within the room.

If you are on a very tight budget you can help to reduce echo in your bedroom. By using egg cartons. Have a read of this guide for more information.

Bedroom soundproofing step 6

Add Soundproof Wallpaper

My wife and I loved the look of this 3d patterned soundproof wallpaper from Amazon, so I added it in as an accent wall behind our bed. It was easy to install with its adhesive self-stick feature and comes in panels very much like tiles. There was very little to trim off as it fit almost exactly to the wall. All that was needed was a ruler, measuring tape, pencil and craft knife. It can also be painted to the color that you desire.

Adding in a bit of the left over window striping filler around the joins was the last step before giving it an undercoat and top coat of paint to suit our decor. 

If you’re interested in learning more about soundproofing wallpaper, take a look at my post – Soundproof wallpaper guide. You will be surprised as to how many fashionable textured wall finishes you can find. 

Soundproof wallpaper is made from several layers of materials, including a foam layer that will buff out sound and insulate your room. 

Bedroom soundproofing step 7

Insulate the Ceilings & Floors

If you have sound coming from above you, it will be worth investing in something to dampen that noise. There is nothing worse than what sounds like a party of cats on a hot tin roof, tap dancing in discord while you’re trying to indulge in a weekend of series, or better yet – sleep.

Similarly, if your floors are not carpeted and the sound is leaking below, it would be wise to take care of that. Not only for your neighbour’s sake, but for the overall reverberation of sound inside the room. 

For your ceilings, you can use either acoustic foam or ceiling clouds. Acoustic foam is not that pretty to look at for the most part, so I would suggest making the investment and taking a look at ceiling clouds. The perk is that they look rather good and are easy to install.

For your floors, putting down a big thick heavy rug will go a long way to help to absorb the noise. 

Final thoughts on soundproofing a bedroom

The road to soundproofing is not an exact science in every case. Although the basics listed in this post are things I have tried and tested for myself so I know that they do work. The best part is that they were fun projects that have not only made my bedroom the sanctuary that I wanted, but also a very tastefully decorated room that feels plush and cozy. Another thing to mention, it has saved me a tidy sum on heating as the insulation is very good. 

With paying attention to the finer details in the finish of the installations, in the end it looks like a professional did the work. That in itself has made this one of the best projects that I have undertaken so far in my soundproofing mission.

Don’t be scared to play with different ideas when it comes to choosing your wallpaper, art or floor rugs and curtains. With a bit of extra thought, you can really achieve a high-end look at an affordable price. I might suggest watching a few YouTube videos on current decor ideas to steer you in the right direction while choosing your paint colours and accessories.  

Hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to share, like and leave me a comment. I would love to hear how your project worked out and if you have any extra handy hints that worked for you that was not mentioned in here.

Happy soundproofing!

PS – Remember to start with your door first. You will thank me later 😉

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