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Do Soundproof Curtains Work? My Experiences Of Trying To Get A Night’s Sleep.

I’m a simple man. The sky can come crashing down and I will take it in my stride. Yet, let me be clear in saying that there are a few things I hold as absolute sacred. If the fine balance of a beer with my mates, a good game of football or my sleep has been upset – you will see how that simple man can become rather savage. We all have our needs after all. 

As highly as I value socializing with my mates and watching a good game, my sleep is just as important. Afterall, I am up so early for a hard day’s work.

In fact, this particular point was made quite evident after we moved to a new house on a very busy street. 

The price was right, the place perfect and more so, my wife loved it. Need I say more?

All was well over our first quiet Christmas…then the new year began. Yes folks, our peaceful happy bubble came to a rude screeching POP as life returned to it’s normal bustle. 

Cars driving by, dogs barking, strange people with their hands-free mobile kits blaring conversations one would rather not be witness too…and the list goes on. 

By all means, live and let live. Yet every man has his limits. 

I’d never given much thought before to how much I value my sleep, but let me tell you now, a good nights rest is just as important as any other important thing in life. 

This is in fact where my crazed search began for some peace and quiet. Albeit at first it was out of sheer desperation through red spider veined eyes, I found what works and what doesn’t.

I must warn you though, what starts out as a need for less sound disturbance can quite easily turn into somewhat of an obsession. Speaking from experience here. 

My aim was to soundproof our bedroom and this ended up being the easiest, quickest, cheapest way to do it. 

Without further ado, let me share the tips I learned about soundproofing curtains. 

Towards the end of this article I will share with you the curtain that I bought that changed the way I sleep forever!

A photo showing the noisey Street outside my house
If you live in a busy and noisey street like me you could really benefit from sound deadening curtains.

Are Soundproofing Curtains really as good as the advertisers make you believe?

In short – Yes!

A good set of Soundproofing Curtains will make the world of difference if the sound is coming into your bedroom from outside, like in my case a very busy street below and bustling neighbourhood. While they won’t fully deaden the sound from outside, they will help dampen it and give your room a more peaceful fuller feel. 

How and why do soundproof curtains work?

I find it is always good to have an understanding how something works before I commit to buying it.

Good soundproof curtains are made from very thick and heavy, porous fabrics. The main idea being to capture sound and block out light. This is great as it will help insulate your room from cold and heat while giving you a sound buffer that will make your room feel like a different world in itself. 

Sounds might still creep in, yet it will be a ‘far-off in the distance’ sounding noise, compared to having it feel as if it is right inside the room, with you, while you are trying to sleep. 

The additional perk of them blocking out the light really helps, while at the same time giving total privacy. Because they are so thick they act like the perfect blackout curtain.

This has in fact changed my life in many ways. I never knew how exposed I felt in my bedroom until I felt the total opposite with complete privacy.  

An infographic I made to demonstrate the benefits of soundproof curtains
This infographic that I created simplifies all of the benefits of fitting soundproof curtains in your home.

How to know which soundproof curtains to choose.

There are so many options to choose from that it is easy to be fooled. These days a lot of companies market their curtains as ‘soundproof’ when in actual fact, they are just heavy, thick normal curtains. I made this same mistake and had to return a set. Don’t do what I did. 

This is how to tell the difference between fake and real soundproof curtains.

Proper soundproof curtains are heavy and tightly woven. They are meant to span from your ceiling to floor, with enough width to cover a good part of the wall on either end. If not the entire wall.

The main thing to remember is that they must cover as much of the wall around your window as possible. 

These are the best soundproof curtains that I found.

My sanity’s saving grace was the NIcetown soundproof curtains. I chose these after sending back the first brand I tried and used.

The NIcetown soundproof curtains were world’s apart in terms of soundproofing and it turned out to be an incredible investment.

Without a doubt the only reason I chose these was because they have over 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.

In the end they were a good choice as they give a very high-end look to my window and the sound deadening achieved is amazing.

If you would like to check out these soundproof curtains for yourself click this link to Amazon.  

The positives and negatives to buying soundproof curtains.

As with any purchase that you make there is always some negatives that go along with the positives.

I feel that it is only fair to share these with you from my own experiences.

Soundproof Curtains, the positives:

  • The obvious positive is that they dramatically reduce sound transfer from the street into your home.
  • Soundproof curtains cost a fraction of the price of a soundproof triple glazed window.
  • They provide great insulating properties, keeping heat in when it’s winter and heat out when it is summer.
  • Soundproof curtains double up as awesome blackout curtains blocking out any street lighting.
  • They do not cost much more than a regular set of curtains.

Soundproof curtains, the negatives:

  • Soundproof curtains are really thick and as such really heavy. It is important to make sure that your curtain pole brackets are screwed in very well.
  • They do not let in any natural light. Although you can always open the curtains to let the daylight in when needed.

A few tips before you buy soundproof curtains.

As it works out, I had to order an extra set to cover the window perfectly. With a big window, it is best to have four drops apposed to only two. It not only looks better but the effect is drastically different in buffering the sound. 

Make sure to choose the long version that covers ceiling to floor. This way you will be effectively blocking out as much sound as possible with your curtains.

There were wall mounted brackets in the package, yet I opted to buy ceiling mounted brackets to cover more of the wall space. It really looks much better than the ordinary brackets anyway. If you would like to see the ones that I chose have a look at these on Amazon.

Only later did I find out about the Moonbeam 3in1 sound blocking curtains . These curtains are said to be the absolute best at spund deadening. I found that the first set of curtains by NIcetown worked just fine for me but if I had known about these I would probably have bought them as well. They are a bit more pricey than the ordinary kind, but well worth it if you really need to blockout a crazy amount of noise. 

Some final words about soundproof curtains.

This was the best investment I could ever have made. My wide loves them because they look good and we both sleep very well, not to mention the absolute privacy we now have from prying eyes. The insulation in the room is fantastic, especially in the winter months. They are not only perfect for your bedroom but home office and any other room in your home

I didn’t quite know how much of an impact they would make in my life but I would not be caught dead without them now.  A good night’s sleep is very Important for your health and well-being and having these curtains makes all the difference.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a good set of soundproof curtains, just make sure you buy the right kind. 

I wish you all a good nights rest and a happy hunting in finding your perfect set.

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