Can You Use Egg Cartons To Soundproof A Room?

There is absolutely no doubt that soundproofing your home or workplace can cost a lot of money. The materials needed and/or construction work ca n cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Because of this we end up thinking of ways to do the same job but maybe a little bit cheaper? I have been there myself a long time ago and I remember once wondering if I could use egg cartons as soundproof panels.

I mean come on, they do sort of have the same shape and angles as a soundproof panel, right?

It seems I am not the only one, I have had quite a few readers of Soundproof Designs ask me through the websites contact form.

So with that in mind this guide is going to be about using egg cartons for soundproofing purposes.

The Reasons Why You Might Want To Use Egg Cartons For Soundproofing.

As mentioned earlier soundproofing can be an expensive game and money can be tight.

However most of us eat eggs or at least know somebody that does. Getting hold of egg cartons is really easy and even if we have to buy some they are really cheap.

What’s more they do look like a budget soundproof panel.

But are we just wasting our time attempting to use them for soundproofing purposes? Let’s take a closer look.

How Effective Are Egg Crates At Soundproofing?

I want to give you the quick answer first will go into more detail as the article progresses.

So can you soundproof with egg cartons? Unfortunately egg cartons offer very little in terms of soundproofing ability. The mulch cardboard that they are made from is not effective enough at absorbing soundwaves or deflecting them. They can instead be used for sound dampening however their effectiveness is still minimal and there are better products to use out there such as soundproofing foam panels.

So there you go, egg cartons and crates do not offer much in the way of soundproofing potential. However read on as there is more to learn in this guide.

Theoretically, egg cartons can block sound waves. That implies that they can soundproof a room by preventing noise from passing through walls.

The cartons are made of cardboard which is affordable and can deduce soundwaves. The paper material and its shape also aid the sound defusing ability.

However, if you want to enjoy the best soundproofing effect, using egg cartons may not be suitable.

Egg cartons will only spread out the soundwaves to defuse it. They don’t block the sound waves completely, think of them more like a sound dampening material.

The cartons share a lot of similarities visually with the soundproofing acoustic foam that is used in music studios.

The difference between egg crates and acoustic foam is;

  • Egg crates can only cushion eggs and reduce vibration.
  • Acoustic foams are designed with materials that enhance sound wave diffusion and soundproofing.

Even though the egg crates aren’t an effective choice of soundproofing material, they can reduce sound resonance and echoes.

An infographic I created showing the benefits and negatives of using egg cartons to soundproof
This infographic illustrates the overall benefits and negatives of using egg cartons for soundproofing

How Can Egg Cartons Be Used?

Egg cartons have sound reduction properties, even though they aren’t the most effective soundproofing method.

They can reduce echoes and deaden sound. However, to deaden sound, you will need to add a cardboard layer over your wall. Cardboard is made of fibers that can absorb sound at certain frequencies.

However, a faster way will be to place two cardboard layers over your wall. That way, you won’t have to save egg cartons for months.

The main thing egg cartons will help you achieve is echo reduction. That’s in addition to providing protection for eggs!

Even though egg cartons have soundproofing properties, there is a limit to what they can do. The first thing you must know is that egg cartons cannot reduce sound in any effective way.

They can only absorb sound waves at certain frequencies, and this is not effective enough.

Also, you cannot use egg cartons to prevent exterior noise from entering a room. That is because they are not engineered to work in that way.

So this brings us to the question:

Can You Use Egg Cartons or Crates For Soundproofing?

Egg cartons offer very little in terms of soundproofing properties. At best they can be used to reduce echo in areas such as a YouTube or podcasting booth on a tight budget, any more than that and it would be much more beneficial to buy soundproof foam panels.

Better alternatives to use instead of egg cartons.

Since egg crates aren’t the best option for your soundproofing project you might be wondering if there are beter alternatives that don’t cost the earth. Well I am glad to tell you that there is and the exciting thing about these alternatives is that they are easier to come by.

You might be thinking egg crates are also easy to come by, especially if you get them for free. However, you will still spend time acquiring it in bulk. Time is money, and rather than spending all that time trying to save up many egg cartons, you can use the time for something else.

A photo of a soundproof panel
Soundproof foam and panels are relatively inexpensive and offer a great deal more soundproofing than egg cartons.

For example, you can simply pick up items that can absorb and block sound better from Amazon. There are many materials that are energy efficient and can insulate a room. Some of these materials can reduce noise and block soundwaves effectively.

These materials include:

  • Acoustic Panels: This is a great and effective method to use if you want to defuse sound in an attractive way. You can hang these large padded panels over your wall to reduce noise. These ones by Dekiru even come in a stunning silver grey color and look amazing on walls.
  • Acoustic Foam: This material is scientifically designed to diffuse and absorb soundwaves. It is made of materials like polyester or polyether and polyurethane foam. I’m sure you will have seen photos of these panels before in recording studios. They are one of the cheapest and effective options available. For me personally, I like these available at Amazon, great price and a big pack.
  • Mineral Wool: This material is similar to matted sheep wool, and it can be used for soundproofing, insulation, or packaging.
  • Sweep Kits and Door Sealing Gasket: They are great for preventing noise from entering a room through unsealed areas around doors and windows. They are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to soundproof a room. Have a look how cheap these kits actually are, you may be surprised!
  • Soundproofing Blankets: These are insulated fabrics similar to blankets. They help to reduce vibration by protecting materials against thermal fluctuations, shaking, and moving. Soundproofing blankets are perfect for larger materials like cellos and pianos. They can also be hung on walls and doors to provide amazing soundproofing. Have a look at this one on Amazon if this sounds like it could solve your problems.
  • Acoustic Curtains: They are better than decorative curtains and will effectively absorb sound. This is one of the best soundproofing techniques if you are having problems with external noise coming into your home. I have actually written a guide about soundproof curtains which can be read at this link.

What Are The Best Soundproofing Methods?

If you are wanting total soundproofing and have some money that you do not mind spending on a project then building is the best option.

If you are handy at DIY you could save a lot of money on the total costs but for most people a handyman or contractor will be needed.

Some of the options available are:

Soundproofing Insulation

This method is great if you want to cut down the noise in your rooms down substantially. Ideally you will build this into your drywall cavity, it can also be used in your ceilings.

Here are the features of these materials:

  • They are similar to fiberglass and can be used in the same way.
  • Soundproofing insulation materials are usually made of safe synthetics like recycled fiber.
  • They are denser and can effectively reduce sound compared to egg crates.
  • They are energy efficient and also ideal for people who want a budget-friendly alternative.
  • The materials can be used on floors, in ceilings, and inside walls to impact sound insulating properties to your room.

Building A New Drywall

This is a great method for people who are remodeling their rooms. You can either add an extra layer to your wall or use insulating drywall.

Soundproofing drywall is a budget-friendly method only when you are already remodeling your room. It is however one of the most effective ways to soundproof a room.

Final Thoughts on Using Egg Cartons To Soundproof.

Hopefully after coming this far you will now know that using egg cartons or crates is not a very effective way to soundproof your home.

If you are on a really, really tight budget you can use them as a way to combat echo in places such as a recording studio. However there uses are pretty much limited to that.

There are much better alternatives available at quite good prices.

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