I’m so glad that you have decided to to take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to read a little about myself and how I ended up creating this website.

My name is Andy Baines and for the last 2 decades I have worked as a heating and ventilation engineer.

My job entails fitting huge industrial fans and air conditioning units and as you can probably guess they are very, very noisey. This creates a problem when the air from the fans is being blown into offices, schools and hospitals.

Due to this I have built up a huge knowledge of soundproofing ventilation products as well as air conditioning systems.

A large noisey fan
This is a large and noisey air handling unit which I fitted and soundproofed for work.

Around 3 years ago I decided to take my knowledge of soundproofing and apply it around my home.

First I wanted to soundproof the home office for my wife when she needed to work from home.

My next project was soundproofing my garage to stop my neighbours being bothered by my noisey band practice.

I was hooked and was always searching for new items and areas around the home that I could soundproof to improve our quality of life.

This all brings us round to the the website! I have decided that since my soundproofing was so effective it would be worth sharing my knowledge and tips with others who have sound and noise issues.

I hope you enjoyed reading the backstop to how and why I created Sound Proof Designs and I hope you enjoy your stay here.